Smokeless Roasting

Avirnaki makes indoor roasting accessible to all and enables roasters to focus on what’s important – roasting. With Avirnaki there is no more need for expensive and complex ducting solutions. Smokeless roasting is now possible anywhere & any time.

Avirnaki is an environment-friendly smoke elimination system; absorbing smoke into cleanable, detachable, full flow type trapping fields. Avirnaki is an electrical device which excels in its low energy consumption and simple maintenance. The system’s maintenance is easy and is done by using tap water and green cleaning solvents.


100% metal structure

Quality and safety compliance:


Electrical Specifications:

220-240 V 50/60 Hz. 500 W Single phase

Temp Outlet:



42(w) X 72(d) X 91(h) cm


71 kg

Pollution Free
Cleans harmful emissions from your exhaust to create a pollution free environment.
Multi Use Filter
Filter may be used multiple times once cleaning process has been completed.
Smoke Free
An efficient and green smoke elimination system designed by Coffee-Tech R&D.
Green Product
This product excels in its low rates of emission and air pollution.
Low Energy Consumption
Energy efficient product, low electricity consumption.



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