Up your game and roast with full control

The FZ94 Pro-Lab Roaster was designed with Roast Masters in mind. It is simply the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world. This unique coffee roaster offers total control over the roast process while delivering outstanding roast quality and consistency. Combined with a small footprint, user-friendly operation, and stunning design its clear to see why this is the choice of roast masters all over the world. Flexible enough to roast from as little as 100gr up to 2.4kg with total control for both sample and production roasts. Roasting with the FZ94 Pro lab roaster allows Roast Masters and true aficionados to experience and experiment with the widest spectrum possible of roasting factors.

Batch Capacity

0.5– 2.4 Kg of green coffee

Heating Method

Electrical special made, high temp. heating elements (3X1000 watt)


65 kg


67(w) X 77 (d) X 88 (h) cm

Electrical Specifications

220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3600 Watt single phase

Roasting Cycle

16-18 minutes for full batch (after preheat)

Roast Data Logger

A PC-supported profile software, featuring bean temp, drum temp and rate-of-rise graph.

Drum Speed Control

Electronic drum speed control, setting conductive heat percentage while roasting.

Blower Speed Control

Electronic drum venting control to precisely set convective heat percentage while roasting.

Multi Point Temp

Temperature probes gathering thermal data from the beans, exhaust & drum space.

Infrared Drum

Special drum designed to produce a sweeter taste with higher levels of caramelised sugars and rapid roasting times.


Hot air is forced through the beans.

Manual Safety Crank

The manual safety crank allows you to manually evacuate your beans should your roaster lose its power supply.

Low Energy Consumption

Energy efficient product, low electricity consumption.


Heat is delivered by direct contact between the beans and the hot surface of the drum.

Drum Roasting

The primary roasting method in this roaster is drum roasting conduction.



tech specs.

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