Silon means ‘JET’ in Hebrew.

Silon ZR7 is a work of art dedicated our work to you the coffee artisan.

Silon ZR7 was originally researched and designed as a tool for baristas who craft their own beans, batch by batch, to be served with great professional pride. We envisioned Silon ZR7 for those who deserve the best tool out there. We present you with a roasting machine built to the highest standard in every possible respect. Quality of design all around, quality of build, quality of coffee produced. We crafted Silon ZR7 to be the crown jewel of your coffee-roasting practice, right at the center of your atelier.

Batch Capacity

1–7 kg of green coffee

Roasting Cycle

11–17 minutes

Electrical Specifications

50/60 Hz. 1250 W 380V 3 phases


121 (w) X 150 (d) X 153 (h) cm


255 kg

Touch Screen

Colour touch screen control system allows you full, simplified control and monitoring of your roasting process.

Full Modulation Burner

Provides maximum gas burning efficiency with minimum levels of carbon monoxide emission.

Sub Atmospheric Combustion Chamber

Allows uniformly better results that are not influenced by atmospheric humidity or atmospheric pressure.

In Drum Extinguisher

Safety device, a live waterline connected to the drum in case of in-drum fire.

Ceramic Chamber

A ceramic coated chamber surrounding the drum ensures thermal stability and efficiency.

Low NOx

Ultra low NOx specs fulfill the strictest pollution standards.

Roast Data Logger

A PC-supported profile software, featuring bean temp, drum temp and rate-of-rise graph.

Drum Speed Control

Electronic drum speed control, setting conductive heat percentage while roasting.

Blower Speed Control

Electronic drum venting control to precisely set convective heat percentage while roasting.

Multi Point Temp

Temperature probes gathering thermal data from the beans, exhaust & drum space.

Infrared Drum

Special drum designed to produce a sweeter taste with higher levels of caramelised sugars and rapid roasting times.


Hot air is forced through the beans.

Manual Safety Crank

The manual safety crank allows you to manually evacuate your beans should your roaster lose its power supply.

Low Energy Consumption

Energy efficient product, low electricity consumption.


Heat is delivered by direct contact between the beans and the hot surface of the drum.

Drum Roasting

The primary roasting method in this roaster is drum roasting conduction.



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