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Beautifully simple.

Whether you're a cafe veteran or a young punk startup we understand there is no such thing as small business.

As long as you're committed to good coffee and good business we'll have a damn good time together.


We live for good coffee with good people and having a damn good time. Inspired by Mornington Peninsula we aim for beautiful simplicity.


We love our local community and business network. We believe business is a team sport and we love to collaborate with like minded folks.


We live, work and play locally and are there when you need us. When we're not roasting coffee you can find us fishing in the bay or running the trails.

Good Coffee.


Sustainably sourced specialty grade green beans. Our origins and roast dates are clearly labelled so you know you’re getting the good stuff.


Like any food product you know fresh is best. We roast our coffee every Monday and deliver every Friday. We keep it local and keep it fresh.


We speak your language and keep it simple. Light, medium and dark roasts in plain English without the geek speak. We’re just not that cool.

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Good Business.


Level up with high performane espresso equipment installed and serviced by our team. We invest in the best to grow your business. Sell more coffee and make more money.


Labour is the biggest cost in any business. We'll invest in your team as much as our own. We deliver barista basics to advanced education at our Somerville coffee college.


We don't own a cafe so we can focus on yours. Talk is cheap so we pride ourselves on our actions. Your business is our business and this is our commitment to you. 

The best of both worlds. Fluid bed convection and rotating drum conduction are two methods used to roast coffee commercially, at Revolution Rosters we use both.

We also choose the consistency and accuracy of electricity rather than gas we can do so in a SAFE, flame free environment. Advanced management software and dual temperature monitoring ensures you can deliver a remarkably consistent roast every time.

Our smokeless roasting system allows you to do all of this indoors, simply and safely. All with zero roasting experience.

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We do not sell roasters. We offer turn key roasting solutions to realise your goals. Our world class team of geeks will partner with you to deliver your vision, covering all the key components for success. Sourcing specialty grade green beans and equipment, blending and tasting, roasting and packaging, marketing and training is what we offer to achieve your goals.

Sound too good to be true?

All we need is your absolute commitment to quality, authenticity and the capacity to roast Xkg of coffee a week. That’s it.

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Taste is subjective. Quality is objective.

We are committed to managing the objective components by ethically and sustainably sourcing green beans that are rated at 80 or higher on the SCA scale.

Taste is where you come in, there is no right or wrong, but you know what you like.

We start with a baseline of amazing coffee blends and origins to start you on your taste journey, where we arrive is up to you.

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Passion, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation. These are critical success factors that cannot be ignored or contrived. If you have passion for amazing coffee, and the grit to make a change, we can support you with the rest. Here are some hard facts to whet your appetite:

  • 4.2 billion cups of coffee are sold in Australia each year
  • This equates to over $14 billion in revenue
  • The average café sells 236 coffees per day
  • The average cost of a Melbourne latte is $3.63
  • 93% of all coffees are milk based
  • The humble latte remains the favourite choice
  • Hot chocolate is the second most favoured beverage
  • Taste and quality are the top factors for consumers
  • Breakfast accounts for 55% of all coffee trade
  • 40% of consumers will sit down to drink coffee
  • 50% of all coffee is sold with food
  • Only 20% of cafes are licensed to sell alcohol
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Good Times.

RnK Cafe

Soul Press

Chocolat of Mornington


Ritchie's IGA

Tully's Corner Store

Corner Counter

3 Knots Cafe

Ducky Brown Somerville

Henry's Mercato

YMCA Peninsula


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5/5 Speedwell St, Somerville VIC 3912

Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia

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