Perfect balance to earn as you learn.

The Solar coffee Shop Roaster was launched in 2006 as the third generation of our innovative Shop Roasters project. The cutting-edge machine showed early promise and since became the most common piece on our manufacturing tables. Hundreds of Solar  roasters are sold worldwide every year and is responsible for more startup roasters than any other roaster. Small enough to learn yet big enough to earn as you go. These years of experience helped us to reach perfection. We now can confidently claim that the Solar falls no short of being the best roaster in every way.


100% metal structure

Batch Capacity

2 Kg (4.4 Lbs.) of green coffee

Roasting Cycle

16-18 minutes for a 2 Kg full capacity batch


58(w) X 76(d) X 86(h) cm

Infrared Drum

Special drum designed to produce a sweeter taste with higher levels of caramelised sugars and rapid roasting times.


Hot air is forced through the beans.


Operation is run automatically and handled by an Automatic Roasting Management Software.

In-Drum Positive Pressure

Positive drum pressure helps maintain natural aromas and fragrances of your beans throughout the roasting process.

Thermosiphon Heat Exchange

Heat and steam rise from the drum and beans towards the colder space and exchange heat.

Manual Safety Crank

The manual safety crank allows you to manually evacuate your beans should your roaster lose its power supply.

Low Energy Consumption

Energy efficient product, low electricity consumption.


Heat is delivered by direct contact between the beans and the hot surface of the drum.

Fluid Bed Roasting

In addition to drum roasting, this roaster incorporates fluid bed roasting

Drum Roasting

The primary roasting method in this roaster is drum roasting conduction.



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